Strategic Planning

The word strategy derives from the Greek word strategos meaning literally “the art of the general”. Applied to business situations strategic planning is both a tool and a philosophy that enables management to become more effective and efficient by allowing it to take the initiative rather than reacting to events. Planning by its very essence provides for the consideration of the present and future circumstances surrounding decision making. Organisational strategies can be both deliberate or may emerge unintentionally through management decisions and actions. In many organisations the gap between the theory and practice of planning is very real. Strategic planning is not a panacea for corporate problems, the process needs to be carefully tailored to the organisation it serves to be effective. Ultimately it must be judged by the improvement in organisational performance that results from its implementation. Successful implementation of strategy is often critical to the success of a company.

JasTech’s focus is on providing customised practical methods and solutions to strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Our package of strategic planning services includes: 

·        Strategic Audit and Situation analysis (SWOT assessments)

·        Technology/Market/Product life cycle assessment and management

·        Developing short, medium, long term strategies and objectives.

·        Formulation/Assessment of Business and Market Segment Plans

·        Business Plans implementation evaluation

·        Strategy implementation analysis/evaluation

·        Competitive positioning analysis

·        Contingency Planning And Scenario modelling

·        Corporate Vision and Mission development

·        Intellectual Property Portfolio analysis and management

·        Mergers , Acquisitions and  Divestment planning/implementation

·        Associate/subsidiary companies organisation, objectives setting, strategy/tactic development, implementation and monitoring

·        Expert Focus Group research on technologies, markets and product specifications

·        Company rationalisation/ restructuring planning

·        Scientific and Commercial Advisory Boards constitution and recruitment


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