Project Management 

In todays competitive environment delivering projects on time, within budget and with the right quality outputs is vital for success. Effective project management not only allows the progress of a project to be tracked and resources to be managed effectively but also allows structured defining/redefining of project scope, more effective communication pathways to be established and assists with problem pre-emption and taking of corrective action.  


JasTech tailors its project management service to suit client needs and make project management and delivery more effective. Our project management service includes|:


         Project priority setting and key driver identification

         Key risks analysis

         Key stakeholder analysis

         Business case development

         Project definition and project scope development

         Defining responsibilities and communication lines

         Developing work breakdown structure, critical path analysis and Gantt chart analysis to monitor progress against plan

         Milestones development and delivery monitoring

         Progress reporting and review framework implementation

         Project management training

         Project audits


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