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The global healthcare marketplace continues to undergo major transition. Many of the new technologies driving change will transform markets and redefine product categories. Novel diagnostics allows disease risk assessment, earlier disease detection, supports individual therapy selection and the monitoring of therapy efficacy. Therapies of the future will be more personalised targeting specific sub-segments. The Internet continues to drive new business models with far reaching implications for transforming healthcare delivery. Sales forces will increasingly use web-based methods for getting their message across to doctors and patients. In addition to technology driven changes the market is also driven by demographic and social changes. Ageing populations in the developed world is leading to increases in age-related diseases such as cardiovascular and cancer. The advent of managed care type systems in the national healthcare delivery of many countries are aimed at improving the efficiency of healthcare whilst reducing cost. Geographically India and China are emerging as key players and markets. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are also under pressure to increase the rate of drug discovery and shortening the time to market. This reduction in time frames and increases in the number of product launches throw up regulatory hurdles and marketing challenges. Companies have to respond to this competitive environment by considered product positioning to achieve differentiation, accelerated clinical development and regulatory approvals, minimise time to market and achieve launch in multiple markets quickly.


JasTech has a wealth of international experience in this marketplace and is well positioned to assist clients in successfully meeting the challenges posed through the development and implementation of tailored solutions. Our package of marketing services includes:


         Strategic Marketing Planning

         Undertaking marketing and sales audits

         Advising on marketing mix management strategies

         Active product lifecycle management strategies internationally and by region.

         Development, implementation and monitoring of annual sales / marketing plans.

         Undertaking new product identification/market assessment, market entry strategies,  detailed product specification definition (in liaison with customers, R&D, QA, Production)

         Develop new product launch plan (to optimise performance, availability, batch failure, stock holding costs, target pricing, packaging, sales promotion /sales training) and product launch implementation/follow-up.

         Product positioning, product management and pricing guidelines including international price lists development.

         Product line rationalisation assessment, recommendations and implementation.

         Marketing Communication program development both external and internal including provision of Marketing Support Packages and Training Materials for internal company/field force/distributor use (literature, proof statements, objection handling, videos, software, issue escalation/communication guidelines etc) and customer promotional and training materials (brochures, catalogues, product monograms, trial studies, booklets, flyers, direction circulars, pack leaflets, catalogues, web sites, direct mail, advertisements, videos, software, exhibition panels, posters, wall charts, calendars etc.)

         Distributor Network and channel development: Recruitment, training and management of distributors internationally.

         Marketing and Sales personnel recruitment, training, discipline and mentoring.

         Sales force management including customer identification, budgeting, objectives setting, development of call cycles, key accounts management, opinion leader development, market intelligence, trouble shooting and incentive schemes.

         Tenders submission and management (national and international)

         Developing web based marketing and sales strategies and implementation

         Key Accounts management

         Directing of national and international market research studies, brief development, analysis and implementation.

         Focus Groups Research: on subjects like technology/market evaluation, corporate communications, product positioning, new technologies, product specifications and market segmentation

         PR and marketing campaign design and implementation including product/brand, corporate and disease/market positioning. Involves objective setting (revenue/profit, corporate ID, education, message/brand recognition etc), element determination (mix of above & below the line) and design/production/implementation of copy, media schedules and literature.

         Event Management including meetings, conferences and trade shows (go to our event management page)

         Media/Investor Relations management including the production of annual reports, press releases, corporate and specific issue press releases, media selection/placement, press conferences, press packs, site tours, corporate presentations and press briefings.

         Customer/Stakeholder Relations management including customer communications, interested stakeholder (pressure groups, investors, insurance companies etc) communications, opinion leader development, issue management etc in order to educate, clarify issues and influence perception.

         Customer and Staff training programs including scientific and medical educational training (go to our training page)


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