IPO Portfolio Management


Intellectual property (IP), whether patents, registered designs, trademarks, brands, trade secrets or know-how are critical drivers in bioscience markets for a company’s valuation and its ability to make, use, sell and even evaluate prospective products. Developing, maintaining and successfully defending IP Portfolio’s is a key determinant to competitiveness and market success. Companies need to define IP strategies and conduct regular audits of their IP portfolio to maximise return on IP investment and control expense. The management of IP needs to be intrinsically integrated with both the company’s scientific direction and business development objectives. Companies need to monitor their own and their competitors IP to ensure freedom to operate, identify potential infringements, identify unproductive IP assets that could be retired or out-licensed, and as an aid to company valuation for in-licensing and out-licensing. Jastech through its core expertise and network of qualified associates can assist. Our services include:


·         Inventorship and lab-book authentication procedures

·         Conducting searches for patenting purposes

·         IP Portfolio audits and developing/reviewing IP Strategy

·         IP Portfolio management

·         Assist in IP valuation for licensing, technology transfers, acquisitions and divestments

·         Evaluate/confirm freedom to operate in chosen territories

·         Assist with copyright, trademark and branding issues

·         Prepare IP due diligence reports

·         Assist in filing and prosecuting applications to grant

·         Advising on infringement and validity problems

·         Prepare cases for litigation

·         Assist with IP commercialisation and exploitation

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