Scientific/Medical Education and Training

The needs of an organisation in such a competitive and challenging environment as biosciences/healthcare space can only be met if all employees/stakeholders are fully motivated to attain and sustain the aims and objectives of the organisation and broader healthcare delivery system. Training and education are central to building employee/stakeholder confidence, reduction of stress and increasing focus and productivity. Planning and executing targeted continued professional or personal development for employees, employers, customers and other stakeholders is essential for the effective delivery of customer services and yet these are too frequently side lined to make way for short term gains. Always mindful of staff development and professional advancement, it is important that scientific and technical training courses be accredited where appropriate and that professional and personal development courses be recognised for CPD (continued professional development) / CME (continued medical education) hours.

JasTech could bring tangible benefits to your organisation by utilising its skill base for designing specialised accredited/CPD/CME training programmes tailor made to your specific needs including:

         Professional Development

         Personal Development

         Short Clinical Courses

         Short Scientific and Technical Theory Courses

         Laboratory Based Courses

         Performance Evaluation and Appraisal Courses

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