Start up to IPO Services


Start-up biotech and healthcare companies have a high rate of failure. The route from innovative scientific idea/concept (be it from academic spin-out or private entrepreneur) to market is filled with scientific, regulatory and funding hurdles. Good science protected by know-how/patents needs to be translated into useful products/services addressing large, growing markets with a clear business model for commercialisation. It is critical that the right proof of principle data is obtained before significant investment is committed to technology platform/product development. The venture needs to attract a stream of development capital inflows and sound business management experience/expertise to optimise the chances of success. The bursting of the ‘bubble of 2000’ has ushered in a difficult capital market environment for start-ups. Investors are now much more selective preferring to back late-stage pipelines/products with defined profitability and viable exit pathways. However the rewards for start-up success can be significant. 16 of the top 20 blockbuster drugs are coming off patent in the next three years.  Product pipelines need to be filled. It has also become clear that biologics have a much higher success rate in trials than new chemical entities. The development of new technologies is boosting diagnostics applications in early disease detection, individual risk stratification and therapy selection/monitoring enhancing market growth. Though challenging and competitive the right opportunity will get funded. Also the environment is there for strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions.


JasTech is skilled at advising and assisting start-ups operating in this challenging environment. Our approach is to deliver a solution tailored to the clients specific requirements with respect to technology, product, process, funding and markets.

Our package of start-up services includes:


·         Conducting scientific and commercial due diligence

·         Conducting patent/know-how audits and patent portfolio analysis/management

·         Strategic planning and strategy development

·         Developing complete Business plans, investor summaries and presentations

·         Fund raising through angel networks, venture capitalists, bank loans, equipment financing and leasing.

·         Assistance with public market listing activities/documents for OFEX and AIM

·         In and out licensing activities including partner selection and deal negotiation/ implementation.

·         Setting up scientific/commercial collaborations and research sponsorships.

·         Marketing support from market evaluation, market research, market planning, product development, product positioning, new product launch, pricing, channel development, distributor/field force training, marketing literature, advertising, branding, trademarks, copyrights, exhibitions and PR activities.

·         Managing technology transfers

·         Recruiting and conducting expert technical and commercial focus group research on specific issues for example product validation strategy, market application focus etc

·         Recruiting and running scientific and commercial advisory boards

·         Meetings and event management including organising and running scientific/commercial symposia at local, regional, national or international level.

·         Developing and running training programs for customers, employees or other stakeholders

·         Negotiating and managing mergers, acquisitions and divestments

·         Providing interim management support

·         Providing operational management support

·         Project management support


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